KLN provides Original Equipment Manufacturing

If you’re looking to reduce total cost, look no further then KLN Manufacturing. We approach every opportunity with the goal of providing our customers with solutions that reduce lead-times and improve quality. Our vast range of welding and metal fabrication capabilities can help customers obtain desired results and ultimately increase their bottom lines. We provide a wide range of services to cut your company’s cost and improve efficiency.

Overall Capabilities

With more than 150 machines, KLN Manufacturing has a wide range of capabilities. We have two main departments: steel and wood. Our strength is processing steel. From simple drill presses and grinders to powerful punch presses, press brakes to advance CNC machines for processing steel sheets, in addition to wire bending machine and cardboard machine.


We are able to process 2300 steel sheets up to 48” wide from 22 gauge to 10 gauge of mild steel per day. In addition, we are able to process stainless steel. Our two shears are able to shear down 10’ sheets from 20 gauge up to ¼ plates. Our production capabilities include punching square tubes and processing steel tubing.

Our 20 press brakes and 24 spot welding machines are organized in three lines. This allows us to produce up to 4800 parts per day. Spot welding machines are able to weld together sheets from 22 gauge to 14 gauge. Our powerful press brakes can bend sheets up to 72” with 150 tons of pressure.


We are able to process a wide range of wood and wood products such as particle board, plywood, solid wood, etc. Our main focus in wood production is processing high-pressure laminate — from laid up to CNC panel cutting/ CNC shaping or edge bending. We have also stain and flat line capability for finishing.


KLN Manufacturing’s in-house powder coating service is the perfect finishing touch to any metal fabrication project. What are your contract manufacturing and tooling requirements? How soon will you need them and what is your target pricing? At KLN Manufacturing, we’re eager to respond quickly. In fact, when you provide us with precise engineering drawings, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive project quote in as little as two weeks.