While many companies focus on making an eco-friendly product, they forget to use an eco-friendly process; at KLN we have created a more inclusive and sustainable process that works for everyone. We understand the need for continued innovation and are constantly improving both the product and process.

KLN’s quality and durability is built into our products. Our furniture lasts. KLN furniture commonly exceeds the life cycle of wood furniture by two to three times.

Our Materials

Steel is the most recycled post-consumer material used in North America. KLN uses steel that is at least 50% post-consumer, to create all our steel products. Additionally the steel used in our quality furniture is lasting and recyclable. The steel recycled from a thirty-year-old KLN chest can be reprocessed into a new KLN chest with the same integrity and strength it possessed originally.

KLN produces tops and panels for its products composed of high-pressure laminate bonded to engineered substrates, eliminating the need for solvent based wood finishing systems. High-pressure laminate applied to substrates offers proven wear and impact resistance. Our laminates are produced from 30% recovered materials, and contain the same basic, renewable materials as Kraft paper.

Dimensional lumber utilizes only 40% of a round tree. Engineered substrates from trees utilize up to 80% of the tree, compared to 40% used by dimensional lumber. KLN has introduced an annually renewable wheat straw based substrate to our market that has superior moisture and mechanical properties than other typical panels, that is formaldehyde and VOC free, and that qualifies for various LEEDS categories.

Ongoing Recycling Efforts

KLN’s manufacturing process sends 100% of all off-fall, slugs and scrap to recycling centers as a method of waste reduction.

All KLN Steel products are coated with powder cured in an oven. Powder coating completely eliminates ozone layer eroding VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Waste is greatly reduced by overspray recovery units that recycle and reuse powder coating and KLN uses 30% less powder coating thanks to the accuracy and quality of initial coating and by using reclaimed powder.

Wood chippers and dust collection systems converts all wood scrap to sawdust. The dust is then collected for recycling. The recycled wood chips and sawdust can then be used in the production of engineered wood products, such as particle board and medium density fiberboard.

Water & Energy

The KLN plant produces zero waste water. The cooling water for spot-welding previously sent to the sewer is now recycled, saving several million gallons of water per year. Our pre-treatment process starts with the longest single stage wash in North America. Our pretreatment process contains a closed loop system and utilizes an organic chemical. No waste is created by using this chemical because it contains no phosphates, requires no water and requires no heat when applying.

KLN is committed to decreasing our energy consumption and we are making conscious decisions to minimize our footprint. For instance, all forklifts have been converted from gasoline to either natural gas or electric power, or have been replaced by electric scissor lifts and gravity fed roller tables. We have also installed a state of the art compression system, which supplies air to our equipment on demand and which uses 25% less energy than our old system.