All your furniture needs under one roof

From receipt of your order to final delivery there are no limits to what we can accomplish here at KLN! From proposal to execution, each department works to produce  and deliver products that fit our customer’s needs. In-house engineers, top-notch manufacturing team, logistic experts ensure the production and delivery process is seamless.


We are not afraid to break the mold! If you can envision it – we can make it. Our sales team and engineering department diligently work together to conceive a product that meets your specifications, KLN is all about “product solutions.”


Our customer service doesn’t stop once your order is placed. A project manager will be your guide throughout the entire process.

Project managers:

  • Ensure correct colors, sizes and model selections.
  • Track all orders during production and communicate job progress.
  • Coordinate and manage the schedule for consolidation of all items to designated project site(s).
  • Determine the optimum sequence of receipt of products.
  • Prepare installer for receipt of products.


We have been in the manufacturing business for over 50 years and we understand our customers and their industries. We are able to put ourselves in their environment to tap into their needs and wants and combine those to fit their requirements. If you are on a tight schedule, a limited budget, or have the need to fill a cramped space – we can help! We have truly seen it all and are ready to provide a solution to your challenge.

While KLN has completed thousands of projects all over the United States, we retain a start-up mentality. Our team members are intimately involved in every projects large or small. Our ability to innovatively customize products, services and schedules distinguishes KLN Manufacturing from the many other respectable firms in our industry. No one understands the importance of critical scheduling, multi-party teamwork, communication and adaptability better than KLN