The Group believes that sustainability is fundamental to the success of its business. Its philosophy is to create long-term value for its stakeholders that is in line with the sustainable and responsible growth of its business. The Group aspires to be a responsible corporate citizen and believes that transparency and accountability are important foundations for building trust with its stakeholders.

We focus on creating value for our People, Environment, Customers, Business Ethics, Supply Chain and Community.


Create value for our employees through rewarding careers, an embracing workplace and a healthy work-life balance.


Make our operations greener through managing emissions, optimising the use of resources and protecting the natural environment and ecosystems that we rely on.


Create value for our customers and help them build their competitive edge through trusted and innovative solutions.


Operate our business with integrity, transparency and accountability to build trust with stakeholders.

Supply Chain

Strengthen the sustainability of our supply chain performance by building a collaborative and win-win relationship with suppliers.


Serve our community by leveraging our talents, resources, and networks.

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