Kerry Logistics Launches Global Re-branding

Kerry Logistics Launches Global Re-branding

2011-04-28 Hong Kong

Kerry Logistics is launching a global corporate re-branding to reflect the company’s new identity of open-ness, integrity, a deep-rooted culture and its commitment and aspiration to excellence.

The new look is a response to the changing environment in which the Kerry Logistics brand now operates.

The company has re-branded to re-align with the new business landscape and to remain relevant to the marketplace.

“The re-branding is a statement that we have changed to reflect the new realities of the marketplace. The changes will enable us to grow as a company and be better able to support our customers and partners to succeed in China, Asia and beyond,” said Emily Kwan, Head of Corporate Communications.

The new logo is in a vibrant orange and grey and denotes a unified, modern and progressive international company. The phased re-branding roll out across the globe will see new signage on buildings, and the new logo on vehicles, uniforms, websites and brochureware.

The 360 degree approach across customer touch points will be taken to convey Kerry Logistics’ new identity.

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