Kerry Logistics Launches Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong

Kerry Logistics Launches Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong

2013-05-20 Hong Kong

Kerry Logistics, a leading logistics service provider in Asia, has deployed three hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), as part of its green initiatives across the globe.

Kerry Logistics participated in the first phase of the Pilot Green Transport Fund (PGTF) scheme backed by the Hong Kong Government, which is focused on trials for medium-sized HEVs.

The HEVs operating in Hong Kong are using a combination of fuel and battery- powered electricity. From 1 April 2013 for 24 months, Kerry Logistics will operate three conventional trucks in parallel to the new hybrid trucks. A research team from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU), assigned by the Environmental Protection Department, will compare performance, diesel consumption, and maintenance cost.

“We are committed to our green efforts worldwide and we see this as a very important pilot program in to help improve road side air quality in Hong Kong,” said Alan Cheung, Associate Director, Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong).

“The new HEVs, together with our green logistics centres in Hong Kong and Singapore demonstrate our strategic focus on supporting cleaner and greener supply chains,” he added.

Data from the research program will then be used to evaluate the HEVs’ performance as part of the government initiative to reduce nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon emissions from commercial vehicles on Hong Kong’s roads.

The added benefit of the HEVs is that fuel consumption will be reduced providing significant cost savings for operators.

Kerry Logistics will work with the HKPU team through to April 2015 and depending on the results the company will consider expanding the use of HEVs into its fleet.

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