Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy


To take all responsible steps and precautions and exercise our due diligence to maintain food safety throughout the food supply chain, particularly at all stages where Kerry Logistics Network performs food sourcing, storage, handling, processing and distribution.


To ensure best practice Kerry Logistics Network has established the internationally recognised Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and ISO22000:2018 Food Safety Management System.

To achieve our goal, we:

  • Apply sound food technology, science, industry best practice into our context;
  • Perform regular identification of hazards, determination of critical control points and timely implementation of effective control and monitoring measures;
  • Conform with the regulatory requirements and the agreed customer requirements;
  • Define the food safety objectives and continually review to ensure consistent compliance;
  • Communicate, implement and maintain this policy at all levels of the Company;
  • Employ competent staff, reliable contractors and source reputable suppliers;
  • Provide our staff with adequate food safety information, training, instructions, tools and equipment to carry out their job in a hygienic and professional manner;
  • Promote personal hygiene and cleanliness to our staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors;
  • Develop and strive to constantly improve our processes for the delivery of safe food products through an efficient, effective and suitable food safety management system.


This policy has been approved by the Global Management Board*. It will be reviewed, and if necessary revised, annually to keep up to date and will be released on our company website. We welcome interested parties’ comments on the enforcement of the policy and the policy itself.

 * Formerly known as Global Executive Committee

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