Press Release

KBOS Launches One Stop Outsourcing Solution to Corporations

2010-08-18 Hong Kong

Kerry Business Outsourcing Solutions (KBOS) will launch a comprehensive range of services to enable corporations to outsource non-core business activities from records retention, office asset management, to shipment order handling and logistics.

KBOS will offer a one-stop-shop service including integrated records solutions, deeds management, office asset management, 360? shipment visibility and business recovery centre. The benefits are improved cost efficiency and structured records management, highly secure asset protection, and improved utilization of human capital.

“We see many opportunities for KBOS as corporations look to re-focus on their core businesses, whether that is inventory management, logistics services, records management or office asset management,” said Caric Cheung, Senior Manager – Business Development.

“We have expanded the scope of the traditional Kerry Records Management Services to incorporate a wide range of outsourced services focused on the needs of organisations looking to improve efficiency and improve their competitiveness.” he added.

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